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Who I Am

Back in 2013 I started drawing.  I loved to just copy different photos I found on social media, and draw them on a page in front of me.  Whenever I was in class, I would try and pull out my little sketch book and pencil and sneak in a doodle here and there.  This hobby soon developed into a passion.  From 2013-2018 , I was constantly creating art pieces.  Over the years, I went from sketching and immersed myself into the world of painting and watercolour.  By 12th grade (2015), I was taking two different art classes in school, where I developed my skills through different mediums, forcing myself out of my comfort zone.  

By the time I was 19, I was studying Fine Arts at University in Vancouver, Canada.  Eventually I dropped out of Uni after doing a Student Exchange program, sending me to the UK for a semester.  I decided to travel.  I ended up travelling throughout the Netherlands, UK, and Jersey in the Channel Islands.  Throughout my travels and growth as a human being, my artistic endeavours evolved as well. 

I fell in love with writing.  I fell in love with sharing my stories of travel, love, food, and mental health triumphs with the world, and most of all... I fell in love with being my most authentic self throughout my walk of life.  I share pieces of myself here on my blog, through Instagram, through the people I meet throughout my travels across the world, and my poetry... which will be coming to the public soon.  

There are so many things I am passionate about, and so many things in this world that intrigue me that I have yet to dive into.  I love to learn, I love to better myself and enrich myself as a human being, and I love to share that knowledge if that means making a positive impact in somebody else's life.  I am passionate about healthy eating and nutrition.  I live a mostly Vegan lifestyle, I am phasing out of shopping fast-fashion, and I am constantly striving to do my part to live a minimal, slow, and sustainable life.  

Currently I am writing and working at a Specialty Coffee Shop in Jersey, Channel Islands.  It is a small island tucked between the UK and France.  I am working on a poetry book that I am hoping to get published that will also include some of my artworks.  I am  working on a visual art piece that will be showcased at a close-friend's fashion-consciousness event in early November.  Lastly, I have been asked to do a photo shoot for a friend which will allow me to add more aesthetically pleasing media onto my website, Instagram, and blog posts! 

You can find me on social media, though I mostly use Instagram as my main platform.  Click the icons below if you want to check out my social media page or contact me via email. 

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My Current Inspirations

Currently I am very inspired by slow, minimal, and sustainable lifestyles.  I love utilizing youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest to get creative, see other people's ideas, and gain more knowledge and tips in regards to living a life much less harmful on our planet.  

Coffee culture is a huge inspiration for me.  I do my best work at any sort of specialty coffee shop with a great atmosphere. I love the woods and being surrounded by trees, though I think that's the Canadian in me.  I love a good soulful and heartbreaking acoustic song, it drives me to feel nostalgic and that's what gets me in the right mood for any sort of creative work.  Check out my blog post below to see what pages, podcasts, and videos have inspired me lately!